The Maximus Poems She has been an active editor and strong supporter of her many students’ work since the mid s. Demystifying Process in Graduate Fiction Workshops. Exploring Translation Theories We urge our students to become familiar with the Writers Guild of Alberta , a provincial arts service organization that represents both professional and emerging writers in Alberta. OPEN MODULE Creative Writing often involves academic research outside the disciplinary boundaries of literature in English; and consequently, space is being made upon the exam for students to include 20 books not enumerated in other modules so as to enable broad study outside the field if necessary in preparation for the dissertation.

Classes usually produce a chapbook of student writing that is available for year-end sale and distribution. Selected Stories The English Department at the University of Calgary, in addition to offering creative writing courses as part of the Bachelor’s degree, grants the MA and PhD in English with a creative thesis option. Monolingualism of the Other , Trans. Green Grass, Running Water Her fiction, with its original voice, clipped, deadpan satirical style, is on this country’s cutting edge of contemporary explorations into issues of race, sex and identity.

The Windup Girl The God of Small Things The Collected Works of Billy the Kid My Life Theories of Translation Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and in collaborations with creative writing uofc artists.

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Degrees with Concentration in Creative Writing. Rational Geomancy POEM of the Season.

Creative writing uofc Stories Aritha van Herk, a graduate of the University of Alberta, is both a recognized scholar with a University Professorship, and an internationally recognized Canadian author whose work has been translated into ten languages. Suzette Mayr smayr ucalgary.

Celia Zukofsky and Louis Zukofsky. Steve McCaffery and bpNichol.

The Ear of the OtherTrans. Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories The Handmaid’s Tale The Watsons Go to Birmingham— Aritha van Herk’s work is particularly recognized for her innovations in creative non-fiction and, in her fiction, for the affirmative images of women resisting societal norms and familial expectations.

The Left Hand of Darkness creative writing uofc The University in Ruins An Unsuitable Job for a Woman creative writing uofc A teaching stipend is paid.

The Tapeworm Foundry Maggie the Mechanic Associate Professor SS smayr ucalgary. Jeanette Creative writing uofc, The Passion Introducing Kafka All My Relations Suzette Mayr holds an M. The Giver Degree students are expected to carry a comprehensive program of literature courses as well as writing workshops.

Creative writing uofc Book Thief The Selected Stories of Mavis Gallant Creative Writing Coordinators Prof. These writers are usually available for consultation with English Department graduate students.